UN celebrates International Day of Mother Earth

UN celebrates International Day of Mother Earth

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NEW YORK, Apr. 23 (MNA) – The United Nations celebrates Saturday the International Day of Mother Earth with a call to move towards sustainable development in harmony with nature.

In 2009, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution to set this date, urging all country members to promote environmental protection.
The General Assembly hosted an interactive dialogue yesterday on occasion of this international date, in which participants highlighted the link between protection to Mother Earth and sustainable development.
In the forum, Cuba and Bolivia supported the implementation of new patterns of production and consumption, which guarantee harmony with Mother Earth.
Anayansi Rodriguez, Cuban permanent representative at UN, said that consumerism sown by the capitalist system in the world represents death for the environment.
For his part, Bolivian Foreign Minister Fernando Huanacuni urged the international community to follow the culture of life instead of the model of production, consumption and development prevailing in the world, which he described as anthropocentrist and individualist.

“We see it as a way of thinking that has pushed nature into the background and triggered environmental damage,” he said.


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