Theoretical Principles of Stress in Islamic Approach

Theoretical Principles of Stress in Islamic Approach

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Aims: #Stress is one of the most important factors affecting human health. Religion and religiosity are critical factors influencing the amount of stress. The aim of this study was to study the structure of stress from Islamic point of view.
Information and Methods: In the present #systematic #review, a combinations of key words (stress, Islam, religion, religiosity, and mental health) were investigated in Persian, English, and Arabic in search engines such as Simorgh, Science Direct, Google Patent, Magiran, PubMed, Taylor and Francis, SID, ProQuest, Kolwer, IEEE, Springer, EBSCO, Google Scholar, ArabPsyNet, IranDoc, Iranian and non-Iranian specialized books, Qur’an, Almofradato-l-alfazo-l- Qur’an, sayings of religious leaders, Maraje -e- Taghlid web sites, Qom Houzey -e- elmiyieh, and other related religious web sites. The Delphi method was used to specify the headings and to increase the validity of the results. The results were extracted based on the content analysis.
Findings: Based on some studies, the definition of stress, stress meaning in Islamic literature, stress in Islam, factors of stress from Islamic point of view, reasons of stress from Islamic point of view, coping with stress in Islam, and the research evidence of Islam influence on the management and control of stress were categorized and written.
Conclusion: This study appears to be the first research on stress construct from Islamic point of view. According to new therapist’s orientation towards the integration of religion in treatment and the development of #BioPsychoSocioSpiritual approach in healthcare systems, there is a need for Islamic therapists to develop Islamic stress-coping approaches. Furthermore, studies comparing spiritual and religious approaches with non-religious approaches to the stress treatment are the preferred options for promoting religious and Islamic culture.

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