Ioc senior member: Olympics may not be held

Ioc senior member: Olympics may not be held

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Several audits by the Japanese government have determined that costs are approaching at least $25 billion. In a study published four months ago, the University of Oxford said: “This course is the most expensive summer Olympics on record.

A senior IOC member reacted to an increase in cases of the coronavirus, which is inconsistent with thomas Bach’s statements.

A senior IOC member said it “cannot be assured” the Tokyo Olympics will be held after six months due to the epidemic outbreak in Japan and elsewhere.

Canadian IOC member Richard Pound’s comments to the BBC came as Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihida Suga declared a state of emergency thursday for Tokyo and surrounding parts.

“I can’t be sure about holding the Olympics,” Pound said of the future of the Tokyo Games.

An emergency order is in force in Japan until the first week of February.

Tokyo reported a record 2,447 new cases on Thursday, a 50% increase from the previous day, which was also a record. Japan has attributed more than 3,500 deaths to COVID-19, a relatively low for a country of 126 million people.

Organizers of the Olympic Games say the Olympics will be held but are not expected to reveal specific plans until spring.

Pound also noted that athletes should have a high priority in terms of vaccines because they act as “role models.” Pound’s comments appear to be inconsistent with IOC President Thomas Bach.

Bach said on a visit to Tokyo in November that athletes should be encouraged to get vaccines, but there would be no need to do so. He also stated that they should not be a priority. Nurses, doctors and healthcare workers should be at the forefront of the vaccine before young and healthy athletes, Bach said.

Pound said athletes are important role models and using vaccines can get the strong message that the vaccine is not only about personal health but also about solidarity and attention to the well-being of others in their communities.

Vaccine releases in Japan are likely to slow due to the need for local clinical trials, reports say. Some vaccines may not be readily available until May, although Suga said some are preparing in February.

The Japanese people are pessimistic and are increasing day by day to opponents of the Olympics.

The IOC has said that the Olympic Games, which were first delayed by the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, will no longer be postponed and canceled this time.

Tokyo Olympics funding has also gone up a lot. The new official budget is $15.4 billion, $2.8 billion higher than the previous budget. The new costs are related to the delay.