Amazon’s $2 billion project to build cheap homes

Amazon’s $2 billion project to build cheap homes

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Amazon is building its second arlington headquarters, HQ2, according to Reuters.

Internet company Amazon announced it will spend $2 billion to build affordable homes in areas that make up the company’s three largest U.S. employment hubs.

The company announced plans to build at least 20,000 affordable housing units in the Pajet Sound area of Washington state, Arlington, Virginia, and Nashville, Tennessee.

Amazon and other tech companies in areas such as the San Francisco Bay Area have faced criticism for their roles in home gravity because of the volume of employees who have arrived in the area over the past decade, prompting Alphabet and Facebook to invest in housing at a reasonable price.

A large part of Amazon’s investment will come through low-interest loans to maintain or build affordable homes for middle-income or small-income families.